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The Franks Equine Guarantee

We will do our best to match you with a horse right for you the first time. However, horses have a mind of their own.We can only give our opinion based on what we are told about your riding level, know of the horse, and see. It is recommended that you visit the horse you like and if you are a beginner get instruction from a well reputed lesson facility. 

   We want your equine buying experience to be a pleasant one. We ask that when you purchase the equine you understand that it is a commitment to them. Please spend the time you need with them to make sure they are what you want.


Details of 3 week Guarantee 

Consignments are not guaranteed.

 If the equine you purchase is found to not fit your needs due to an issue with the horse you purchase from Franks Farms they can be exchanged for another horse or given credit toward another horse (no money will be refunded).

The customer can choose another horse of that price range. We will only exchange equine once. We will not exchange for anything except equine.

Equine may not be exchanged because the client sees another horse later they like more. An arrangement can usually be made if this happens but an exchange fee will apply.

If a suitable horse is not available the customer likes they can receive a credit to use at anytime over the next six months after the equine is returned.

They must be returned in good

health and free of injuries (sound). The Franks must be

notified of the issue within 3 weeks of purchase.

Please understand you can teach a horse to have a bad

habit quickly. Getting help before something becomes

an issue is important.

 However, If a situation arises later on we encourage you to call us. We may be able to advise you on how to correct the issue. We have always been there for our customers to answers questions.

Please understand most of these horses become part of our family before they become part of yours. We want our horses to have the home they deserve. Most of all we want our customers to be happy.

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